computer generated image

digital print on cotton vinyl canvas

hidden wood frame on the reverse

140 x 140 cm. [55 x 55 in.] or 160 x 160 cm. [63 x 63 in.] by request

edition of 10

contact for price and prints remaining

all prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and signature


During a short visit to Bolzano, in North Italy, I noticed the austerity and the monumentality of some recent buildings far from the rich and lively design of the historical centre where, in agreement with the climate and the old European tradition, there is a vital and dynamic atmosphere at any time of the day.
Such a contradiction has brought about the idea of a drastic and alluring building whose destination is also brave: an amusement centre with love as a topic theme. A palace for the night or, better, for the Queens of the Night. A plan that, like others of hov's, defines itself and imposes its own condition independently from the clients, the contest, etc, but as "necessary" idea. The work "Palast für Bozen​​​​​" derives from an internal view of this drastic architecture. "Palast für Bozen​​​​​" was exhibited at the Milan Triennale and it's part of Triennale permanent archive of digital works.